Post Graduate Supervision at Nalanda University (M.A./M.Sc. Dissertations)

  1. Analysis of Fluoride in Ground Water and Public Perception of Drinking Water Quality in Roh Block of Nawada, Bihar - Ranjit Kumar – 2016

  1. Revisiting Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad as a People's Science Movement: The Environment Turn - Arvind. G. Christo – 2017

  1. Sustainable Livelihood Diversification and Women Empowerment: The Role of Public Institutions - Aparna Jha - 2017

  1. Sustainability of Solar Based Rural Water Supply Systems: A Case Study of South Bihar - Aishwarya Alexander (Co-supervisor) - 2017

  1. Examination of Relationship between Urban Transport Network and Landslide in Hakha City, Chin State, Myanmar - Salai K Chha Nge (Co-supervisor) - 2017

  1. Solid Waste Management at Sites of Religious Tourism: Case Study of Rajgir - Sagarika Srivastava (Co-supervisor) - 2017

  1. Revisiting Community based Traditional Irrigation Systems in South Bihar - Kumar Gaurav - 2018

  1. A Study of Drinking Water Practices in Selected Arsenic Affected Villages of Bhojpur, Bihar - Arunesh Upadhayay - 2018

  1. Understanding the Relation between Neighbourhood Built Environment and Walking in Dispur, Assam – Dhritiman Barman - 2018

  1. Smart Urbanism in Rural Bihar: Envisioning Bihar Sharif as a Smart City- Praveen Kumar.V.S - 2018

  1. Influence of Wildlife Conservation Interventions on Gond Community: A Case Study from Pench Tiger Reserve – Saket Agasti - 2018

  1. The Making of Prosumer Culture: An Analysis of Decentralised PV Technology in Chennai - C. Vadivel - 2019

  1. Biomimicry as a New Route to Nature Inspired Urban Built Environment: A Case Study of Lavasa - Rakhi Kashyap - 2019

  1. Environmental Change in the Tea Growing Areas of Darjeeling: Understanding the Women Labours Perspectives - Shikha Shalini - 2019

  1. Bottom-up Innovation for Resource-Constrained Farmers: The Diffusion of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in South Bihar- Tulika Bourai - 2019

  1. Faith-Based Governance of Natural Resources: A Study of Jogimara Sacred Natural Site in Bhutan – Bikram Sharma – 2019

  1. Worlding, Water and Worries: The Making of ‘World-Class’ Bodh Gaya – Ritika Rajput – 2020

  1. Water and Sanitation in a Pandemic: A Case Study of Rajgir, India – Aarushi Rai – 2021

  1. Understanding Urban Agriculture in Bihar Sharif - Md. Asif Hashmi - 2021